Jeff Jeffries

Denton and the DFW metroplex, Texas

(214) 538-4994
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Computer Skills


Development Techniques

  • Object Oriented Design Patterns (abstract factory, adapter, bridge, others)
  • IPC/multi-process applications (shared memory, message queues, semaphores/critical sections)
  • Multi-threaded applications (boost threads, pthreads, Microsoft threads)
  • Embedded system development, real time system development
  • Client/Server applications over TCP/IP
  • Fault tolerance (exception handling, redundancy, fail over, replication)
  • Source Control (git, subversion, CVS, SourceSafe)



  • C++ and STL (UNIX, Windows)
  • C (UNIX, Windows)
  • SQL (MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, PL/SQL, Postgres)
  • python (UNIX, Windows)
  • Shell Scripting (sh [aka Bourne], bash, ash, sed, awk)
  • PHP and HTML (UNIX, Windows)
  • JavaScript, CSS


Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu Linux (Intel x86)
  • OpenWRT Linux (an embedded Linux for BCM4712)
  • opeNSLUg Linux (an embedded Linux for Intel IXP420)
  • Apple OSX (Intel x86)
  • Gentoo Linux (Intel x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT v4.0, EmbeddedNT, 98, 95 (Intel x86)



  • Networking/LAN/WAN: IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP, BOOTP, PXE, TFTP, ARP, multicast
  • Routing: NAT, NAT-T, BGP, RIP, VPN
  • Web: HTTP, HTTPS, ETag, Cookies
  • Telecom: H323, SIP, MGCP, SS7, ISDN
  • Security/Encryption: Diffie-Hellman, SHA, AES, IPSec, PKI, PGP/GPG, TLS, SSL, SSH, LUKS

Work Experience

  Dynatrace Plano, Texas
  2015 - Present
Software Engineer - Tools and Automation. Using agile development methods to design and write libraries, web services and applications that reduce operating costs, eliminate manual data entry errors and increase availability and uptime by identifying failures globally, programmatically performing automated remediation actions in an attempt to resolve the failures and providing notification on remediation failures by managing Jira issues (creation, modification/comments and closure). Effectiveness of automation is measured and trended via dashboards (both custom and Splunk-based dashboards).

  Keynote Systems, Inc. (now a service offering of Dynatrace) Plano, Texas
  2012 - 2014
Senior Technical Support Analyst - Tier II and Mobile. Diagnose and troubleshoot End to End performance and availability of mobile sites. Technologies include WebKit (iOS and Android), DOM, xPath, SMS, JSON, DHTML, HTML5.

  Omnibus Point of Sale, Inc. Denton, Texas
  2002 - Present
Founder. Providing tax compliance services to bars and restaurants.

  Keynote Systems, Inc. (now a service offering of Dynatrace) Plano, Texas
  2003 - 2007
Technical Support Specialist. Used various tools to analyze and diagnose End to End Internet performance of Fortune 1000 websites. Accomplishments include:
  • identified, documented, and provided workarounds or bug fixes for nearly all service offerings
  • served as technical lead in identifying and providing resolutions for customer problems
  • worked with other members of the support team to reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) of service requests and increase customer satisfaction via email and telephone
  • proposed new processes and modified existing processes to eliminate inefficiencies
  • assisted the sales force as a technical adviser in all facets of the sales cycle
  • created an internal Support Portal and nearly all documentation within it (in use both by the support team and others outside of the support team)

  T&S Software Associates, Inc. Richardson, Texas
  2000 - 2002
Member of Technical Staff. Wrote enhanced service computer telephony applications for the Zeus Voice Foundation call control engine using C++. Projects included:
  • developed CTI (computer telephony integration) support for the Bicom Electra Pro "In-Skin" telephony board on the ContactCenter platform of the NEC Electra Elite IPK telephony system. Played the principal role in the development, testing, manufacturing, and integration phases of the project. Applications included Auto Attendant, IVR, Voicemail, ACD, and external CRM interface on Embedded NT 4.0
  • led team of three others for testing and deployment efforts of T.38 and T.37 VoIP fax trial for Cisco Systems with VB/ASP configuration front end
  • developed Linux installation procedures and associated documentation
  • designed and prototyped IMAP4 and POP3 unified communications interface libraries
  • unit, component, and system tested the API interoperability and calling card services for the Taqua Open Compact Xchange (OCX™) class 5 switch against the Zeus telephony platform
  • provided configuration and testing services to Lucent Technologies OPENet Solutions Group for redundant hosts and redundant nodes on the EXS class 4 switch
  • wrote the Application Programmer's Guide and enhanced 700+ page Programmer's API Guide for the Lucent Technologies OPENet Solutions EXS class 4 switch
  • enhanced Front End and Back End VB API manuals for the S1 Banking System (formerly a Regency Voice Systems product)

  Internet Resources Group - (now a service offering of Keynote Systems, Inc.) Plano, Texas
  1999 - 2000
Linux Administrator and Programmer. Maintained 24 hour availability of networks, systems, and applications and verified accuracy and completeness of network procedures and system procedures.

  Missing Link Media, Inc. Plano, Texas
  1998 - 1999
Software Engineer. Designed, developed, and integrated SQL databases with websites using PHP, ASP, VB, C, and C++. Projects included:
  • wrote ASP and ISAPI DLLs in VB, C++ and ADO for financial analysis of hedge funds totaling more than 10 billion dollars in assets
  • wrote SRD for automation of
  • designed and automated
  • designed and prototyped a web-based shopping cart using MySQL
  • designed and prototyped a real estate client/server application with a Win32 Windows client and a back end UNIX MySQL database

  University of North Texas Computer Science Department Denton, Texas
  1997 - 1998
UNIX Systems Administrator. Responsibilities included:
  • creation and maintenance of operating system scripts and system documentation
  • management of 1200+ users (faculty, staff, and students) and 60+ systems (servers and workstations)
  • web server migration (Netscape on Solaris to Apache on FreeBSD)
  • NIS, AMD, and NFS configuration
  • daily remote backups using Amanda


  University of North Texas Denton, Texas
  May 2000
Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science with minors in Technical Writing and Mathematics and emphasis in Economics and Business Computer Information Systems